Fireworks junk dims village’s sparkle


KULAI, 16 April 2024

Malaysians must make it a habit to pick up after themselves after playing with fireworks, says state executive councillor Datuk Mohd Jafni Md Shukor.

He said leaving fireworks packaging on the ground, especially in public areas, is not the way to go for Johor, which is striving to become a developed state by 2030.

“It is a common practice in Malaysia to play with fireworks during festive seasons.

“But people should clean up after themselves and not leave packaging and debris strewn on the ground.

“Cleanliness is a shared responsibility; it does not fall on the shoulders of just one party,” he said yesterday when asked to comment on complaints from residents at a village in Muar.

Mohd Jafni added that with the Johor Bersih campaign in place statewide, the public should get on board with the initiative and keep their surroundings clean at all times.

Kampung Jalan Daud village chief Chua Lee Huat, when interviewed, said residents were irked by the sight of fireworks packaging and debris left behind on a football field in the village recently.

The football field served as a popular gathering spot for many families from all walks of life during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, particularly as there was a mock trishaw put up as an added attraction, he said.

“Many visitors went there to snap photos and play with fireworks. “Unfortunately, they left the field and drains littered with rubbish.

“As there was a delay in rubbish collection due to the festive season, we could only pile the trash to the side,” he said.

Chua added that the issue was addressed after alerting waste management company SWM Environment Sdn Bhd.

He suggested placing temporary rubbish bins at public areas like the football field during festive seasons to encourage the public to dispose of their waste responsibly.