Environmental initiatives flourish in Johor


JOHOR BAHRU, 22 March 2024

SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (SWM Environment) had in 2023 successfully cleaned more than 300,000kg of waste in Johor involving local communities in the state.

It had organised over 500 community-related programmes and clean-up initiatives which also involved 1,200 SWM Environment workers and 600 vehicles.

“The gotong-royong is usually held on weekends as a platform for us to reach out to the local community,’’ said corporate general manager Mohd Norlisam Mohd Nordin.

Mohd Norlisam pointed out the initiatives implemented through strategic collaboration with the local authorities (PBT), Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning Corporation (SWCorp) and related government agencies.

He said they also involved local leaders and residents’ association committee.

Kitarecycle programme continues to develop

According to Mohd Norlisam, SWM Environment also continues to strengthen community education efforts and the application of recycling practices in all levels of society in Johor in 2023.

“These are done through the rewarded recycling programme KITARecycle involving residents, public agencies, industry players and educational institutions,’’ he said.

Mohd Norlisam said they had successfully saved 700,000kg of recycled goods from ending up in landfills thus reducing the
emission of nearly two million kilograms of carbon dioxide.

In fact, 24,000 KITARecyle users in Johor can also send their recycled goods to 18 recycling facilities state-wide including the Recycling Hub B5, Johor Baru, 
Hutan Bandar Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP), Iskandar Puteri and Pura Kencana in Batu Pahat.

  •  For more information on KITARecycle, visit its portal page www.kitarecycle.com or download the application on Google
    Play Store and Apple Apps Store.

Meanwhile, a civil servant from Kulai, Nurfarahain Mat Saad, said KITARecycle was not just about getting reward points but the recycling system also encouraged her to apply recycling practices to her children.

The mother of three began giving exposure to her children on the benefits of recycling by visiting Zon Sisa Mampan, Sudut Lestari at Sultan Ismail Library in Johor Bahru.

Following the visits, Nurfarahain and her husband have made recycling an activity with their children by providing recycling bins according to product categories to enable them to carry out the Separation of Solid Waste at Source.

Collected recyclables will be sent monthly to the KITARecycle mobile counter during the JB Neon Recreational Night Programme at Tunku Mahkota Ismail Youth Centre (TMIYC) in Johor Bahru.

Sustainable waste zone and sustainable corner

Mohd Norlisam added that SWM Environment also continued to educate the public in Johor on sustainable management through 870
Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) initiatives.

The latter involved 78,000 participants from community, public and private employees as well as students at schools and tertiary

In addition to the mobile CEPA initiative through 3R Troopers, SWM Environment also came up with a local CEPA initiative known as the
Sustainable Waste Zone. 

This is done through collaboration with the Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) and the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as well as Kyoto Environmental Activities Association (KEAA) under the
Sustainable Corner at Sultan Ismail Library since 2023.

The Sustainable Waste Zone and Sustainable Corner, Sultan Ismail Library has received more than 4,000 visitors through 200 series of visits from the community, public agencies, industry players and local and foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Meanwhile, various CEPA activities were held through the Sustainable Waste Zone and Sustainable Corner, including the Lestari Fun Run, Junior Lestari Workshop and JB Exploration with the Johor Media Club.

The Junior Sustainable Workshop is one of CEPA’s Sustainable Waste Zone activities that gets attention from parents especially on weekends and during school holidays. 

Focusing on community welfare and well-being

Mohd Norlisam also shared on SWM Environment’s corporate social responsibility through the SWM Kasih entity which continuously builds good relations with the local community through various welfare and community welfare initiatives in the service areas over
the past 10 years. 

Over the decade, nearly 100 SWM Kasih initiatives had been implemented such as food box aid, welfare, celebrations, education and natural disasters in Johor which had benefited more than 10,800 families. 

M Environment through SWM Kasih is also ready to establish cooperations with local authorities, industry partners, local leaders and NGOS in intensifying efforts to help other vulnerable groups in need.