Beach Views And Clean Coastlines For All To Enjoy


SEREMBAN, 20 February 2024

Picnickers are no longer allowed to put up tents along three popular beach stretches in Port Dickson.

The move is to give beachgoers a clear view of the sea and beach areas.

Port Dickson Municipal Council (MPPD) Council president Nurhazelin Makli said banners prohibiting such activities had been put up at Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Pantai Saujana and Pantai Bagan Pinang.

“A RM1,000 compound awaits those who violate the rule. We cannot have picnickers putting up tents or hanging their clothes to dry wherever they like,” she said, adding that previously, the beach stretches were packed with campers putting up tents haphazardly.

She said the next step would be to deal with traders, who have put up rows of pasar malam-like blue canopies on several beach stretches, notably in Teluk Kemang.

These canopies not only prevent holidaymakers from having access to the beach but also block the view of the sea.

“We are now looking at how best to resolve this issue as it involves traders who are locals,” she said.

Nurhazelin admitted that abandoned multi-storey buildings – blocking seaside views – are also a problem but there is nothing much the council can do since these buildings are owned by the private sector.

She said although the resort town is packed with tourists during weekends and school holidays, the numbers could be even higher if a single agency or an independent body could “link” the tourism products and operators did cross-marketing.

“If we have someone who can link the dots, then I am certain we would get even more tourists to PD,” said Nurhazelin.

MPPD, she added, plays a role in the organising of events, such as the PD Triathlon, beach runs, motorcycle convoys and fishing competitions, and to ensure the landscaping, security and cleanliness of recreational areas ware taken care of.

“We have set a KPI that tourists should spend at least two nights in PD and this would be sufficient to boost the (local) economy,” she said.

MPPD has also put up 30 CCTVs under the “Safe City” programme which would soon be linked with the district police station.

On the subject of clean beaches, Nurhazelin said it is disheartening that the public’s attitude regarding the cleanliness of public places has not changed much.
“The shared responsibility for maintaining cleanliness is still low,” she said.

Waste management concessionaire SWM Environment has also provided 221 mobile bins at 18 beach stretches to ensure Port Dickson is kept clean.

On the coastlines of Pantai Bagan Pinang, Pantai Saujana, Pantai Cermin, Pantai Cahaya Negeri and Pantai Telok Kemang, there are beach cleaners on duty every day.