Landfill Management

SWM Environment designs, constructs and operates Sanitary Landfills, which are large engineered facilities for ultimate disposal of waste while preserving the environment.

Our landfill services include:

Leachate Treatment

Landfill Gas

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facilities

Weighbridge Facilities

Stormwater Drainage Structure

Administrative Buildings

Two of the Sanitary landfills that are currently operated by SWM Environment include:

i. Seelong Environmental Centre, Johor

Land Area : 111 hectre (275 acres)
Landfill Capacity : 18.8 million cubic metres (15 million tonnes)
Lifespan : 20 years
Capacity of Leachate Treatment Plant : 540 cubic metres per day
Landfill Gas Treatment : Active extraction, flaring and/or power co-generation

ii. Sg. Udang Sanitary Landfill, Melaka

Land Area : 26 hectre (64 acres)
Landfill Capacity : 730,000 cubic metres (713,575 tonnes of waste)
Lifespan : 2 years
Capacity of Leachate Treatment Plant : 200 cubic metres per day
Landfill Gas Treatment : Gas venting

Waste Transfer Services

SWM Environment constructed the first transfer station in Malaysia, The Taruka Transfer Station, located in Johor Bahru City. The station operates as:

  • A direct container drop-off type transfer station
  • Capable of handling 600 tonnes of waste transfer daily
  • Operating with 12 transfer RORO trucks and 40 transfer RORO bins